Kind of dive: Wall, Swim-throughs, Open caves
Experience: Open Water
Maximum depth: 20/25m
Average depth: 10.00 mt
Notes: really few current; entrance at board 50/55 min.

You can dive in one of the most beautiful mortise of the island, considered an unmissable dive for photography lovers. This site is characterized by spectacular colors because there are a lot of crevices and passages covered by yellow cluster and orange corals, known as Parazoanthus axinellae and Astroides calycularis.

When we arrive in a mortise, we start to wear the equipment and we start the dive after a short briefing; the slow descent into the water and following the anchor line take us at initial depth of 9 mt, following step by step the bathymetrical line we see the seabed that slopes gently in a succession of Posidonia e big rocks.

Continuing our dive we carry in the blue until the maximum depth of twenty-five meters  where it is possible to meet big amberjacks and big sea breams.

A small canyon leads to some crevices made by a part of the rocky wall above it: there it is possible to observe a beautiful amphitheater and several fragments of amphorae, some of which stratified inside the rock.

Different are the species of nudibranch that we can find as pink Flabellina (Flabellina pedata), leopard slug (Discodoris atromaculata) and pilgrim hervia (Cratena peregrina).

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