Kind of dive: Reef, Swim-throughs, Open Caves
Experience: Advanced Diver
Maximum depth: 25/35m
Average depth: 30.00 mt
Flora and Fauna:
barracuda, amberjack, groupers, clouds of castagnole, salpa, boghe
probable current;  duration 50/55 min.

This dive site is considered one of the most spectacular of Mediterranean sea; its name comes from a dialectical adaptation from the original “Scoglio Omerico” that means Omeric Rock.

The site shows a rock visible above the water at a few tens of meters to the total reserved marine zone, where it’s possible to have many different dives, all characterized by crystal-clear waters and by the huge quantity of fish.

The richness of Mediterranean coral reef make this dive site as one of the most beautiful of all the Mediterranean sea.

Its crystal-clear waters  hide one of the richest and variegated seabeds that give a extraordinary presence of fish and an incredibly indented ambient where a series of wonderful passages bring  us at a canyon that goes vertically down until -30mt from surface. Unforgettable are the light-plays that characterize the first part of the dive and give later space to a big quantity of amberjacks and barracudas that swim in the blue; sea breams, salemas and brown meagres are with the scuba divers for the full tour of the rock.

If you want to change dive tour it’s possible to make the “closed” one ; at -18 mt deep we find the entry of a cave called “the whale” that goes across the rock and bring us until -26mt after ten minutes of navigation.

This dive is available for every type of scuba diver, from more expert one to Open Water just certified, because there are infinite possibilities of choose the dive tours.

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