Kind of dive: Wall/Cave/Swim-throughs
Experience: Open Water
Maximum depth: 20/25m
Average depth: 7.00 mt
Flora and Fauna: Seabream, Grouper, Pony Pipe-fish
Notes: no current

“Grotta della Pastizza” is one of the most charming dives of Ustica, and it’s also located near  the harbor; it’s a cave with the entry above the surface that make possible the entrance just with mask and fins. The dive site is named like this for the rock visible above the water that locals called “Pastizza” that means “pasty”.

We jump in a plateau deep no more than 8 mt, full of mortise that give repairs to small morays and groupers,  and take us to a vertical cliff characterized by the richness of colors.

The Pastizza’s cave is actually a communicant system of caves: in the first part two air-chambers meet each other on the sea level, in the first chamber is possible to admire the vault of the cave and the statue of the saint patron of the island, Saint Bartolicchio.

The seabed is made of lava rock , full of crevices that made the dive site advisable for cave lovers. Going outside by the cave the dive continues following the wall where is easy to find forkbeards, octopuses, groupers and colored sponges.

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