Diving Ustica


In the gorgeous setting of Ustica island, Protected Marine Area set up in 1986 and leader of scuba diving in Mediterranean sea, Blue Diving Ustica will take you to the sea discover with the most beautiful and exciting dives, and will offer customized packages for weeks or weekend full of fun with family or friends.

Blue Diving is a point of reference for the scuba diving lovers that wants to have a holiday at Ustica. The Diving is situated in the central square of the small town, is easily accessible walking also by the harbor. Highly qualified staff will guide you at discover of wonderful Ustica’s underwater world, between daily organized sea excursions and snorkeling activities, and in the end of the day, we care to bring your equipment inside our deposit situated in the harbor.



Expecially during the summer, Ustica have a huge turnout of divers and for every kind of emergency there is a medical center with 2 hyperbaric chambers inside of Ustica’s ASL , with equipped technical staff available 24/7.



Blue Diving Ustica provides both recreational and technical full equipment for its guest; the Diving center has: equipment deposit with a corner for rinsing equipment, 60 tanks, 50 completed and tested equipments, computers and lamps, 2 rubber dinghy of 7,50 mt with four time engine of plus than 200 hp, equipped for diving activities; these boats will bring you in all the dive and snorkeling sites confortly and in few minutes.

Every Blue Diving Ustica’s equipment is new and rigorously tested and give to you comfort and safety.

In every means of transport  there is a first aid kit, oxygen and safety tank under the boat : the staff, trained to first aid, will always on board during your dives, in order to provide you the maximum standard of safety.


Blue Diving Ustica is situated in the central square of the small town, is easily accessible and in few minutes. Located in a strategical point, Blue Diving Ustica allows you to reach the boats and the harbor in a very short time.

The Staff

Blue Diving Ustica’s staff will bring you to the discovery of the clear and unpolluted Ustica Island’s wonderful underwater world. Thanks to its skills and experience, a  expert team of instructors will guide you in a tour made of extraordinary colors and lights, scuba diving adventures that leave the sign.

Our expert divers, sea and nature lovers, will  guarantee memorable divings, with the maximum professionality and respect of security and safety standards, sharing with you the passion that characterized Blue Diving Ustica.


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