Although the Island of Ustica is mainly famous for its pristine waters and rich fauna and flora, scuba diving is not the only attraction of the island.

The hinterland of the island offers many beautiful scenic trails for every level, where you can go trekking among the maritime pines or on relaxing walks to the "natural pools" in the afternoon after the morning dives. These routes are signposted, easy to find and our staff will be happy to recommend the most beautiful places providing useful tips on where to venture.

Cycling is another great way to explore the island. Rent a bike and have fun exploring its wildest parts, find beautiful and isolated coves where you can swim, or stop at the beautiful sunset- bar/restaurant under the lighthouse to enjoy the sunset sipping a Margarita!

Explore the caves by sea! On the island, excursions are organized to visit the many caves that populate the coast. Book your guide who will take you to discover places impossible to see except by sea... and why not, have a nice swim meanwhile.

Blue Diving Ustica will recommend you what wonders of the island to visit: between a pristine and crystal clear sea and a bursting and lush nature, we are at your disposal to advise and direct you.

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