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If you always have wanted to learn how  to dive discovering the incredible underwater world, everything starts from here!

Have your PADI scuba certification : we recommend these fundamental courses that will help you to become a diver that wants to enjoy dives and dive with regularity.

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In order to take part to PADI Seal Team, a kid must be 8 years old.  PADI Seal Team program is divided in two parts.

  1. AquaMissions from 1 to 5 teach to kids the basis of scuba diving as buoyancy control, clear partially flooded mask and  recovery of the regulator ecc.
  2. After obtaining the fundamental skills, kids pass to another part made of AquaMission Speciality, during about one hour each.


The participants must be 10 years old to participate to Discover Scuba Diving . Although it isn’t a certificational course, during the Discovery Scuba Diving experience, you will learn how to use the scuba equipment in shallow waters and you will obtain a simple introduction of what  scuba diving is. Thanks to this course you will learn the basis for diving under the direct supervision of a PADI pro.


For enroll to PADI Skin Diver course you must be at least 8 years old. The course offers base informations of free dive equipment, of scuba diving, the underwater ambient , of problem solving and of practice safetly free dive. The water section learns useful techniques for put on and adjust the equipment, entry in the water,  Adjust for proper weighting, swim on the surface, clear a snorkel and resume to the surface without stress.


OPEN WATER DIVER: for Open Water Diver or Junior Open Water Diver, you must be at least  10 years old.
The course is divided in three principal phases:  1 knowledge development (with individual or in class study), for understand the bases of scuba diving; 2 confined water diving, for the bases scuba skills; 3 open water dives for reviewing the skills and explore the sea!

PADI SCUBA DIVER: this course request less time than the PADI OPEN WATER DIVER , and the user must be at least 15 years to do it. Following this course you will learn the fundamentals of diving , through the knowledge development, a diving skills set in swimming pool there you will use in open water divings and enjoy the underwater world.


Minimum age: 15 years. The course helps you to obtain more from the diving introducing you to new types  of diving adventures. It is an opportunity for work, with your instructor, to improve your skills and became more confident.


Minimum age 15 years. You will become more confident through five adventure dives that introduce you underwater navigation and to deep dive ( between 18 and 30 meters). The Advanced Open Water Diver is an excellent way for have other dives, while you continue to learn under your PADI instructor supervision.


Minimum age: 12 years. Based on just learned skills, this course expands your knowledge about prevent the problems and, if necessary, how to operate them .You will learn: self-rescue; identification and managing stress of other scuba divers; rescue panicked divers; rescue unresponsive divers.


Minimum age: 18 years. Is necessary to be PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (or be equivalent certified from another organization) certified, PADI Rescue Diver(or be equivalent certified from another organization), have Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Care certification, had logged at least 40 dives for start the course and 60 for certification and have a medical statement for scuba diving.


The Open Water Scuba Instructor program (OWSI) is one of the two separated part of PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC)- the center of the instructors training PADI.
The first part is made of  the Assistant Instructors course, which is followed by  the Open Water Scuba Instructor program. The OWSI program requires a minimum of four days: introduces you at the all PADI scuba training system and it focus on the further development of your skills of professional scuba educator.


The Speciality Instructor course give teaching tips for satisfy the requirement of the course. You can choose between 27 PADI speciality courses and distintives one that your course director can offer. Having  5 certifications of Speciality instructor is a prerequisite for Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT).


Minimum age: 18 years. As Instructor Development Course (IDC) Staff Instructor, you will contribute to the growth of PADI Instructors of next generation and learn more about Instructor teachers .


PADI Master Instructors, demonstrating a deep knowledge of PADI  educational system and practice this teaching to a minimum of 150 PADI students, are the real essence of the scuba pro. They are the leaders of diving industry and help to delineate the development of future diving courses.


The PADI course Directors are instructors Trainers that conduct the Instructor Development Course PADI  and other training for instructors. The PADI Course Directors have the highest and the most respected level of recreational diving: who enter in this group passes through a rigid selection process, that examines the experience and the training just to accept to the competitive and demanding     Course Director Training Course (CDTC).


The first aid and the RCP are useful ability for anyone involved in adventuring sport if something happens. You will need it in order to take part to this PADI Rescue Diver course. The Emergency First Response is a partner PADI specialized in teaching of this useful life-safer ability. Many PADI Instructors are also Emergency First Response Instructor!


You learn how to use teaching requests  and your instructor role in the didactical ambient of RCP and first aid. You learn also how to motivate students, valuate the knowledge, present efficiently the course arguments, become good in development students practical  abilities and how present efficient scenarios for the practice based on learning experiences.


The RCP and the First Aid are most important abilities and always more requested. As Emergency First Response Instructor you can learn to anyone.




Minimum age 10 years. The PADI Digital Underwater Photographer course trains you on the use of modern digital equipment


Minimum age 12 years. The DPV Course offers you an exciting way to quickly visit a large area. The vehicle will drag you into the dive without you having to kick.

DRIFT DIVER 200,00 €

Minimum age 12 years. It teaches you how to have fun in the currents of rivers and oceans, alongside your partner, communicating with the support vessel and knowing, at any moment, where you are.


Minimum age 10 years. It is introduced to the various types of wetsuits, acquiring the knowledge to wear, immerse yourself, remove and store a dry suit in safety.


When an emergency arises, be ready to help an underwater friend by becoming a PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider.

Nitrox DIVER 140,00 €

Minimum age 12 years. It is the most popular PADI diving specialty course: diving with enriched air Nitrox gives you more time underwater, particularly in repetitive dives.

Deep DIVER 140,00 €

You can enroll in the Deep Diver course if you have obtained the PADI Adventure Diver certification or above and are at least 15 years old. When diving, there is something fascinating and mysterious about exploring the deepest sites.

NIGHT DIVER 200,00 €

Minimum age 12 years. The course allows you to learn how to dive when the sun goes down, getting to know the creatures that are only seen at night, seeing your favorite sites with a different perspective.


Minimum age 10 years. The PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy course honors the basic trim skills you've learned as PADI Open Water Diver, and takes them to a higher level.


Minimum age 10 years. Learn not only what fish and other animals are, but how they interact with each other and with the environment.


Minimum age 10 years. With the course you will become familiar with the navigation with the natural references and the one with the compass.


Minimum age 10 years. The PADI Underwater Videographer Specialty course shows you how to create videos that are interesting, fun and beautiful enough to be seen over and over again.

CAVER DIVER 200,00 €

Minimum age 18 years. This is a challenging course, which includes 4 training dives in 2 days. During your first dive you will practice the positioning of the tops and the emergency procedures, without going into the cave. You will enter only the next 3 dives, remaining in the light area and within 40 meters of total distance from the surface.


Minimum age 12 years. The PADI Specialty Search and Recovery Diver course will teach you effective methods to find something underwater and bring it back to the surface


The Project AWARE Foundation is the largest organization of the non-profit diving industry dedicated to the conservation of the aquatic environment through education, advocacy and action. In addition to completing the Project AWARE Specialty Course, you can become one of its partners, thus committing yourself to the protection of the underwater environment.


Discover Tec

Curious about technical (tec) diving, but not sure about jumping into a course? Discover Tec is a short confined water experience that allows you to give technical diving a try. You get to wear all the extra tec diving gear and take it for a test dive. Your PADI Tec Instructor may introduce a few basic skills, such as primary to secondary regulator switch and gas shutdown procedures.

Tec 40 450,00 €

The PADI Tec 40 course is where you transition from recreational scuba diving to technical diving. It’s a great place to start because it’s the first subdivision of the full PADI Tec Diver course and bridges the gap between no stop diving and full technical deep decompression diving. You gain experience and begin building the knowledge and skills you need to continue your tec diver training. You will qualify to make limited decompression dives to 40 metres/130 feet.

Tec 45 450,00 €

The PADI Tec 45 course is the second part of the full PADI Tec Deep Diver program. You’ll extend your depth limit to 45 metres/145 feet and learn to plan and execute repetitive decompression dives using a single stage/decompression cylinder. It puts you in a complete tec diving rig, which can be either backmount or sidemount. You’ll also make accelerated decompression dives using EANx or pure oxygen. This is a course where you’ll rise to the challenge and make the commitment to become a technical diver.

Tec 50 450,00 €

The third part of the full PADI Tec Deep Diver program is Tec 50. As a Tec 50 diver, you show that you’ve developed competency as a tec diver and have the skills to dive to a maximum of 50 metres/165 feet. You know how to make extended, accelerated decompression stops using up to two gases. It’s not easy to reach this level and earning your Tec 50 certification opens the door to deeper diving expeditions.

Tec Trimix 65 650,00 €

If you’re into technical diving then you know that to extend your depth range you need to use trimix – a blend of helium, oxygen and nitrogen. The Tec Trimix 65 course introduces you to using trimix down to a maximum depth of 65 metres/210 feet. There are advantages to using three gases, but you need to know how to do it right. Earning the Tec Trimix 65 certification makes deeper exploration a reality.

Tec Trimix Diver 800,00 €

Ready for the outer edge of technical diving? The Tec Trimix Diver course takes experienced tec divers and turns them into extreme divers who go deeper and visit pristine sites where few others will ever go. During the course, you’ll make dives as deep as 90 metres/300 feet, but once you earn this tough certification, there are few limits. Your training teaches you to build experience gradually and you do it because you’ve made it this far and have more exploring to do.

COURSES STP 400,00 €

The Streamline, Trim and Propulsion course allows students to qualify and obtain the patent that allows them to perform dives by applying advanced trim, kick and kick techniques, with classic recreational equipment or with Hogarthian technical equipment, within the limits of certification and certification. current personal experience.

COURSES PADI SUEX Advanced DPV 400,00 €

During this course you will learn the techniques and procedures to use the SUEX underwater scooter (DPV) in an advanced way.
The course takes place in a maximum of three days between theoretical lessons and five dives at sea, putting into practice all the aspects of advanced dives with SUEX scooters. In the training phase we will provide you with a SUEX scooter mod. VR in use for the duration of the course.


All the Tech Area courses must be booked well in advance. Contact us for detailed information.


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