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Accommodation, Cottages, Residence and Hotel

Blue Diving Ustica offers to anyone that want to have a travel in the limpid water of marine protected area of Ustica, personalized packages for staying in the island: you can choose, between  the best cottages and residences, best hotel and accommodation, the best solution for you and live days of sun, sea and nature in this magic island, point for wonderful summer holidays with kids, romantic escapes in couple during the weekend, or stay with friends.

Usticians’ hospitality is famous in the world, the guest of this magic island will find high-level structures and all the services needed for a beautiful staying in the island, and human warmth and hospitality unequaled.

Being in holiday in Ustica means feel like at your own home, in a unique climate of friendliness and cordiality. Choose a hotel in Ustica, a residence or a cottage and come to discover the island known as the black pearl of Mediterranean sea.

Where and what to eat

The variety of vegetables by the distinctive tasty and smell, biological and of quality, is possible thanks to the volcanic land on which they are cultivated. The most famous product, inside and outside the island is, surely, the little lent of Ustica, a Slow Food facility, biological and certified, or the Ustica aubergine.  In the island is typical also the vine production and between the products the most famous is the “zibibbo” from which a optimum passito is done.

If you are looking for a place with low prices and somewhere to eat at Ustica, Blue Diving Ustica will recommend you the best restaurants of the island.


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