Tipo di immersione: Landslide, Cabe, Fish
Livello: Advanced
Profondità media/max: 20/25 mt.
Flora e Fauna: Groupers, Murena, Horsefish, Nudibranchs, Parapandalo Shrimp, Mechanical Shrimp.
Note: A dive site characterized by beautiful plays of light and a cave full of inlets.

The dive begins in Cala Galera, but instead of heading north-east we will move southwest. The beginning of our descent is characterized by a vast field of posidonia, where we can often be lucky enogh to meet the beautiful and mysterious pony pipe-fish, always
camouflaged among the leaves of posidonia.

We will begin the navigation alongside the landslide of boulders that we will keep on our right, where we can find groupers, nudibranchs and amberjacks. After about ten minutes we will come across an inlet, more or less at a depth of 23m where we will find the entrance to our cave. It is a bit flattened, but inside the cave widens. The entrance and exit coincide, so we will swim through the cave always keeping the wall on the left. T

he peculiarity of the route is that, as we enter, even if we’ll always see the light from the exit, the depth will decrease. Inside we may encounter mechanical shrimps, parapandali and, if we are lucky, also in the conger fish. Back at the exit, we will take you to a depth of about 20m to retrace the dive site back to the creek of Cala Galera.


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