Kind of dive: Wall, Swim-throughs, Deep
Experience: Advanced/Deep Diver
Maximum depth: 30/35m
Average depth: 16.00mt
Notes: middle current, excellent visibility, duration 50/55 min.

The dive site’s name comes from the geography shaped musical instrument and it is in the southern part of the island.

Is a dive along the coast: there is a cliff made of volcanic rocks, formed by the crash of the rocks that was on the surface, and a wall that goes vertically down on a sandy bottom of 35mt. The Posidonia follow the descent of the scuba divers until two solitary big rocks at -40 mt where there are the most beautiful red gorgonians of the island, sea anemones, yellow gorgonians, orange corals, sponges and calcareous algae.

Taking the cameras and going down in this site it’s possible to have different and wonderful meetings: sea anemones, yellow gorgonians, orange corals, sponges, calcareous algae and unique for beauty red gorgonians.

From -7mt to -15mt this dive is a unique place for underwater photography lovers because there are a lot of hollows full of false corals and different kind of other Mediterranean corals.

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