Diving Ustica

Type: Reef, Passages, Environment, Shoal

Certification Requirement: Open/Advanced

Average depth/max: 18/30m

Typical encounters: Raven fish, Magnose; Sea Bream, Grouper, Salpe.

Notes: Good visibility, possible weak current

We are located in one of the few dive sites off the coast of Ustica. Secca d'Africa is located on the border between zone B and zone C, a few meters from the west lighthouse of the island.

The dive begins by referring to the highest pinnacle of the shoal. Taking us to an initial depth of 10/12m we will move on the slope between the shoal and the island thus starting our navigation. The dive develops towards a mass of boulders that gradually descend towards the blue increasing in depth.

We will head north, swimming until we reach the ridge of the shoal. This area, at different depths, is characterized by beautiful colored ravine and cracks in the rock that offer shelter to the beautiful and elegant Raven fish. Slightly away from the wall, in direction of the coast, we can meet a scenic arch that often offers hiding places to groupers and nudibranchs.

Finally, the large rocky conformation is surrounded by a vast mantle of posidonia, which offers the ideal habitat for crustaceans and which is often "flown over" by clouds of chestnut trees creating a breathtaking landscape.

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