Kind of dive: Swim-throughs/Rocky bottom, Canyons
Experience: Deep Diver
Maximum depth: 20/25m
Average depth: 18.00 mt
Deep dive

This dive site is just for advanced certified divers: a series of caves and passages leads to around 15 mt deep until 45 meters down. The access at these areas is difficult due to the presence of big rocks, but when the canyon is overpassed , it’s possible to arrive to breathtaking landscapes thanks also to the crystal sea water and to the great visibility.

The shortage of marine fauna is balanced by the beauty of the ambient, in fact at 45 meters deep there is the entry of a cave, in which there are shrimps and forkbeards, that bring us back to the zone through a chimney.
Another choice, but longer, is to continue the dive through another tunnel that arrives to another cave, more extensive and impressive, with the ceiling full of Mediterranean slipper lobsters, shrimps and forkbeards; inside the cave there are usually 2 or 3 really big groupers.

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