Type: Slope, Landscape, Crack
Certification Requirement: Open/Advanced
Average depth/max: 18/30m
Typical encounters: Grouper, Octopus, Moray eel, Pipefish, Sea star, Nudibranch.
Notes: A dive site for enthusiastic amateurs, who like to search and recognize what the untrained eye struggles to see.

The dive begins in the cove of San Paolo, located on the south side of the island. The beginning of our descent is characterized by a vast seabed of posidonia, where we could often be lucky enough to meet the beautiful and mysterious pipe fish, always camouflaged among the leaves of seagrass. Just below us we will find a large boulder, anchor station for our buoy, which will direct us to a small wreck of 10 m rich in pentagonal starfish.

We now head closer to the landslide that will characterize the rest of our dive. Here we can find among rocks flabelline and cratene, but also other rarer types of nudibranchs. The marine triton is another peculiarity of this site, as well as moray eels, spiny starfish, octopus and brown grouper. Always keep an eye out to the "blue", it is not uncommon in fact be surprised by the passage of some amberjacks.

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