Kind of dive: wreck in current  wall rock deep
Experience: Open Water/Advanced
Maximum depth: 35.00 mt
Average depth: 20.00 mt
Notes: current is possible

For sure is one of the most beautiful dives of the island and of the entire Mediterranean sea. The tour its until 40 mt down.

We start at the top of the shoal at 3 mt, but after few meters we arrive at the drop-off , after which are left speechless in front of a vertical wall of columnar basaltic that goes until 30 mt on the first plateau.

Later we arrive at the upper part of plateau, the blue in front of us is wonderful, and there we see the benthic fish, seabreams and snappers.

ITA motorship is a tourist destination for the wrecks, with Panamanian flag, that shipped a marble load, held in 21 February  2005 in the northern part of the island, close to the Secca della Colombara.

Between majestic and peaceful brown grouper, it’s possible to come across shoals of barracudas; the damselfishes, the saddled seabreams and the goldline fish follows us during all the dive e frame at the wonderful landscape  of the shoal.

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