Type: Sandy bottom, Pinnacles, Landscape Dive
Certification Requirement: Open
Average depth/max: 18/20m
Typical encounters: Novacula Fish, Grouper; Flying Gurnard, Sole.
Notes: Good visibility, possible weak current

This dive site not far from the harbor, located on the north side of the island at the base of Rocca Falconiera near the coast characterized by a huge overhang and flat rocks emerging.

Our dive starts right above one of these rocks. Descending to a depth of 10 m and keeping the wall to the right we will sail towards the tip of the bay. We will soon realize that this dive site is not like all the others that characterize our beautiful island. This one has SAND! Yes, Cala Giacone is the only dive site in Ustica where we can find sandy bottom, which allows us to make quite unusual encounters. If we are lucky, we can come across the beautiful Flying Gurnard. It is not uncommon to also meet the frantic Novacula Fish, those who have an eye will spot dozens in the distance. About "having an eye", pay attention to the bottom! Rumor has it that something flat moves quietly under your fins...

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