Diving Ustica

Kind of dive: rocky pinnacles/ shoal
Experience: advanced
Maximum depth: 50.00mt
Average depth: 20.00mt
Notes: medium intensity current

Secchitello is without any doubt the most demanding dive of Ustica and it’s for expert deep- certificated divers.

This dive is characterized by a lot of pinnacles of different depth, full of red gorgonians that cover their surface. Touring around the pinnacles, between 24 and 50 mt, we can admire schools of amberjacks, barracudas, seabreams, gold and brown groupers.

The Secchitello’s shoal grows up from -50mt of depth and arrive until 25 meters from surface with big rocky pinnacles. Descending at the top of the shoal you arrive on a colorful wall covered by red gorgonians that here made spectaculars “forests”. It will simple the meeting with groupers, big red scorpionfish, morays, or school of barracudas, amberjacks and snappers.

The dive is hard due the strong underwater currents  that is possible to meet at 30-35 meters of depth. If you are lucky, you might see also tropical species here. From the Gibraltar’s strait, an atlantic current arrive at northern island's coats and increase by subtropical species the marine flora and fauna.

In this dive site we will meet a lot of pelagic species: amberjacks, barracudas, sea breams, groupers, snappers; don’t forget schools of damselfish  that surround us and the red gorgonians on the pinnacles.

Arriving at 100 bar, we go back to the anchor line and we start the ascent in the blue. For photo-lovers  leaving the camera in the boat is strictly prohibited.

It is necessary to  visit the black coral, Gerardia savaglia, that is possible to see by distance for its yellow ramifications. On the top of the shoal is possible to meet schools of amberjacks and barracudas.

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