Diving Ustica

Type of dive: rock / dry pinnacles
Experience: Tech
Average/Maximum depth: 40/60 mt.
Flora and Fauna: gorgonian, false coral, barracuda, saraghi, salpe, amberjack, dentex, grouper and dotti, scorpion fish, castagnole, alcioni and gorgon stars.
Notes: medium intensity currents

The most challenging dive of the whole island looks like a dry one with more hats: from 50/60 m deep, a series of pinnacles stand out towards the surface touching the 25 m of depth. A fantastic diving spot, reserved for the most experienced.

Each of the spiers has different morphology and extends to the bottom merging at the base with the other nearby spiers, creating breathtaking scenery, with vertical walls, valleys and reliefs, colonized by different life with both benthic and pelagic species.

The fauna of Secchitello offers a multitude of brown and red algae in the highest portions, with the seasonal presence of sargassis, which give way to red gorgonians or Paramuricea clavata and several ramifications of false black coral or Savalia savaglia.

In the pelagic environment, the show is unique, with barracuda (Sphyraena barracuda) and duct (Mycteroperca rubra) and with the constant presence of families of big amberjack (Seriola dumerilii). Occasionally we also see good-sized snappers, fairly confident, while banded sea bream and salpe are constant and always pleasant presences.

Needless to say that black castagnole (Chromis chromis) and pink castagnole (Anthias anthias) make the atmosphere heavenly, with their swarms that seem to slip on the peaks of the imposing lava pinnacles. A diving spot definitely rich in fish and unusual shows.

Observing the surface of the rocks close up, among the gorgonians, many smaller fish and sly red scorpions (Scorpaena scrofa). Boutonniere then several alcyonarian parasites (Alcyonium acaule), difficult to detect, and the splendid gorgon stars, Astrospartus mediterraneus, an extraordinary beauty ofiure!

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