Diving Ustica

Type of dive: wreck in current deep rock wall
Experience: Tech
Average/Maximum depth: 40/60 mt.
Flora and Fauna: dentex, tanute, castagnole, boghe, occhiate, saraghi, salpe, sponges, madrepore and alcionari.
Notes: possible current

Along with Secchitello, the Colombara dry is the top of the dried Ustica, an incredible Eden to be experienced, with clear water and lots of fish. The point of immersion starts from the hat of the dry, only three meters deep, where the lava rock is very jagged and is populated by an incredible variety of green and brown algae.

In short, with a few fins, we move towards the edge of the dry, where the rock creates walls that degrade with landslides of boulders or even vertical, according to points, towards depth of about 25/30 m.

A wide plateau 30 m deep, at the base of the vertical walls of the Colombara, has scattered rocks colored by beautiful sponges and offers incredible views of shoals of fish, and not just barracuda: here dentex (Dentex dentex) and tanute (Spondyliosoma cantharus) almost never fail, in addition to banded sea breams and salpins. Needless to say, groupers are seen everywhere, at all depths and in all the dry areas.

Castagnole (Chromis chromnis), boghe (Boops boops) and glances (Oblada melanura), numerous, complete a picture to say the least rich and to be visited calmly in more than a dip. In a precise area of ​​the lava cliff of this dry then lies the wreck of a ship, which remained blocked on 21 February 2005.

The wreck of the ITA motorship, with the Panemese flag, is now spread in several pieces and creates a further living substrate, with unique colors that decorate the iron thanks to a series of encrusting invertebrates, including sponges, madrepore and alcionari.

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