Diving Ustica

Kind of dive: deep
Experience: simple
Maximum depth: 20.00 mt
Average depth: 15.00 mt
Notes: archeological tour

This area, as the time went by, has become a proper underwater museum with itinerary and informational panels: the ships that landed in the island could not always be traced back their anchors so it was decided not to pick up them but to make an underwater museum with the passing of the time.

The seabed is rich of old ship’s anchors that leave it there due to recovery issues.

This dive site is very easy to visit, just curiosity and a regulator are needed.

Archeological tour: in 300 meters long  seabed there are a lot of  archeological finds , between 10 and 20 meters of depth. You can also find Roman amphorae, iron and lead blocks with identification panel .

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