Diving Ustica

Kind of dive: cave/rock
Experience: advanced
Maximum depth: 18.00mt
Average depth: 15.00mt
Notes: low current, good visibility, duration 50/55 min

Cowries’ cave is a suggestive dive site but ask a good control of the buoyancy: it’s a huge cave with the entrance at 18mt with sandy and then rocky bottom.

Going to the surface, there is a small passage and then an air chamber where it’s possible to breathe without the regulator and to see light-plays from the entrance. Later on there is a dark chamber with brackish water and a small beach made of cowries and other organisms’ fragments.

On the top there are stalactites and the roots of surface plants. Returning back is really beautiful follow the light that came by the large entry, that give spectacular effects.

Going out by the cave, the dive continue following the wall where is simple to find forkbeards, octopuses and little groupers. The large light coming by the entrance make this dive really charming.

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