Diving Ustica

Kind of dive: cave / rocky deep
Experience: deep diver
Maximum depth: 40.00mt
Average depth: 28.00 mt
Notes: torch is necessary, as deep license and proved experience of deep cave dives

Grotta dei gamberi (shrimp’s cave) is the most famous dive site of the island: the huge entry ( at -42mt) leads to a big chamber of sandy bottom that asks an excellent buoyancy.

After the pre-dive check we start our slow but constant descend following the rocky spot on land that brings us to the entrance of the cave : a huge coloured vault on a sandy bottom.

The left wall is full of schools of shrimps, lobsters and congers. A big rock hides for few moments the entrance but, after you surpass it, the light make a spectacular show.

Few forkbeards are hidden through the hollows of the wall of the cave where lives also a big conger that sometime come close at scuba divers. The exit is at -28 mt and conducts to a rocky cliff where usually is possible to meet groupers, salemas and big sea breams.

It’s a unique experience for caves lovers.

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